THE Quinoa Burger. Yup. Quinoa

I know. I know. I have an almost obsessive love affair with quinoa. I admit it. I accept it. And it’s a part of me. Now that it’s settled, let me tell you about this heavenly recipe. LET ME TELL YOU.

A quinoa burger, or as Paul likes to call it, quinoa pancakes. He thinks they taste like Chinese food, but tell me when you can find cumin as a staple in Chinese food, and I’ll give that to him. So you now know that Paul is not a lover of the quinoa burger. I think he’s just jealous of how much I love the stuff. But we’ll save that for a later post.

I came across this recipe on a blog called “Eating well Living Thin.” Here is the recipe.

I like to serve the burger almost like a yumm bowl. Some avocado, tomato, cilantro, cheese, sour cream (yes you can see how much I love the stuff. I accept it and live with it), and yumm sauce. “Why not just make a yumm bowl you ask?” Well, as a busy mommie of 3 young kids, I like the conveince of just pulling one of these heavenly babies out of the fridge and making it. I have also been known to heat it up and eat just the “burger” part in the car.

I give you…the quinoa burger.

undefinedThe only thing I did different to the recipe, is I did not have cottage cheese or carrots, so I substituted Nancy’s yogurt and black beans. I can’t wait to slap one of these babies on the girl in the summer!


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