Sisters and Secrets

Growing up, it never crossed my mind that to have a sister. Then Paul and I started dating in High School, and I began to get to know his great family, including his sister Jessica. She is 6 years older than I am, so at the time, being 16 and 22 made quite a difference. But when we got married at 20 and 21, I really started to get to know Jessica, and realized how much alike we were, and now I couldn’t imagine not having a sister. I always know what she is thinking, and she the same with me.

But there is more than just knowing each other’s thoughts. I have another woman who completely understands every thought and feeling I have, because she thinks the exact way I do. I can pour my heart out when something reminds me of loss, and as a woman and someone who knows my mind, she can understand why I ache. I can relay a funny story (although, not as well as she can), and she is always laughing with me because of are equally dry sense of humors. I can tell her I’m having  a bad day, and she will do her best to pull me out of it.  We can be open and honest with each other about our relationship with God, share our love in loving God, and completely understand each other as we over analyze every nook and cranny of the character of God, and the world. Yes, we do solve the world’s problems. 🙂

You wouldn’t think from looking at us on the outside, that we are the same in every way because she is the hilarious extrovert, and I am the try-to-be-funny introvert, but it’s those sister secrets that make us alike.

I couldn’t be happier that after a couple years of waiting, they are welcoming their second baby girl, Avonlea Jane in to the world in just a couple of weeks! Jessica has been the best example of patience while making a change (such as moving 3 hours and 40 minutes), a positive and fun adventure for her family.

It brings me so much joy to think that our girls will have such beautiful examples of women of integrity in their lives, as they blossom in their relationships as sisters.

Two of the women I admire most.


Along with Sharron (Paul’s mom), I hosted a baby shower for Jessica and baby girl Avonlea Jane last Sunday.

I simply loved this cake! I would say it’s a perfect accompaniment to tea. 🙂

Jessica read the Anne of Avonlea books as a child, and it was a source of inspiration for the beautiful name.

Stay tuned pictures of Avonlea in less than two weeks!

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