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My love of photography began in landscapes roughly 16 years ago.  To me, landscape photography was a beautiful    and complete expression of the world.  My husband picked up the camera soon after me and together we developed our skill and unique style.  We both see each subject through diverse aspects which together allows us to be able to  capture each detail and person with one complete yet multi-faceted perspective.

This is our story of what made us the photographers we are today:

Paul and I met in a small high school, in a very small town, and have been a perfect match ever since.  We have been married for over 14 years and our married life, in my eyes, has been the essential love story.

Shortly after we were married, we became pregnant with identical twin boys who were quickly diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease.  Simply put, ARPKD affects the growth of the kidneys and therefore limits the amount of amniotic fluid available to grow the unborn baby’s lungs.  Paul and I held on to each other like nothing else.  I feel, at times, Paul was as greater support to me than I to him.  Our baby boys were born at 32 weeks, weighing in at 3 lbs 7 oz and 3 lbs 9 oz.  We held Joshua Paul until he passed away almost a day later and Kaleb Stephen who joined his brother the following day.

Our brief and precious moments with our boys far outweigh the tragedy we endured with their passing.  We would take every moment with them, painful and precious, again and again, rather than never having those moments at all.

I feel as though going through this experience revealed the world in a new light.  I began to see a photograph with a changed perspective.  It was almost as though I became newly aware of all the great blessings we are given and all the hopes we can find if we look hard enough.

And so my lens became a kind of healing.

Paul and I are drawn to photograph your beautiful memories:  The beginning of a life as husband and wife, birth of your child, the many smiling generations in your family.  These cherished memories are your blessings and hopes.  When we look through the lens we see great love and life:  The vows on your wedding day tell of your beautiful future. The baby you hold who also holds your heart.  The cherished grandmother grasping your hand; timeless wisdom and beauty enfolded in softly wrinkled and age spotted hands.  These interactions we recognize and capture; they become alive and timeless through our lens.

Our own great blessings and hopes continue to grow with our growing little family.  Paul and I are so very blessed to have our 9 year old daughter, sweet Isabella Hope, who is followed by our 7 year old daughter, gentle Gracelyn Michelle, and Lincoln is 4.  By owning a thriving photography business, we are able to pursue not only a dream, but a dream we love and can share with generations to come.

We have had the perfect love story; a story of sharing in life.

Cannon Beach

Paul and I have been married for almost 13 years and have been blessed to have found each other in High School and

Lincoln Isaiah

We were given another little boy when Lincoln Isaiah was born in 2009. He surprised us and came 4 weeks early, but he

Lassen Family Vacation

Last summer, our family took our family vacation to Lassen Volcanic National Park. It was a milestone for our Isabella

Isabella Hope

In 2005, our Isabella Hope was born. Helping us restore hope to our hearts after losing our twin boys in 2003.


Our family vacation for 2012 was spent in Yellowstone National park for a week. We enjoyed a cabin on the river and

Frist snow

We are incredibly blessed to be raising these three wonderful children. It's amazing to see how different they are and



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  • Aunt Amy

    I am so excited for you guys…well & me !!I am going to be a proud great aunt again! I wish I could be in Texas to see you guys. Isabella, Gracie and Siennalee seriously bring tears to my eyes everytime I see their pictures. Anne- your pictures are outstanding!! I love you all

  • Aunt Amy

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  • Auntie Ellen

    Hey Nunn family,
    We very much enjoyed your visit with us. It was just a little tooooooo short. I know you will have a wonderful Longview visit too.
    Russ & Sam said last night they are thinking of coming to Oregon in the future. Hopefully he will get in touch with you.
    By the way Anne, the pictures did not get on the disc; it already had something on it. So could you please send me some of those pics.
    Love Auntie Ellen